Resolution Tour Review

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The night started off with interviewing Action Item at the Bottom Lounge in the brisk Chicago, IL.  I’ve heard of the guys and some of their music but haven’t met them or seen them perform.  Brian, Mark, and David introduced themselves to me and we proceeded to get ready for the interview.  We interviewed Brian while Mark started shooting pictures with his camera of us and David.  While talking about a serious topic to Brian David started making funny comments which I couldn’t help but laugh at.  The guys offered us water and asked us a little bit about our website and Warped tour.  I was surprised to see how chill the guys were and how humble they were with all their recent success.

The show started off with Hello Highway, I only saw part of their set because I didn’t have time to eat during the day so I had to grab something.  From what I saw they have catchy beats and a growing fan base.  Before You Exit went on next, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  After hanging out with the guys during the All The Way tour I knew the guys were talented and had great stage presence but I wasn’t sure how it was going to be with adding Connor and Riley’s brother Toby to the mix would be.  I wasn’t sure how the stage dynamic would change with another member but it definitely added to their performance.  The girls went crazy for Toby in particular screaming anytime he rapped, sang, or touched his hair.  One of the coolest moments was when Connor and Braiden threw their guitars in the air and caught each others.  During their set the guys played matchmakers to their fellow brothers saying if there were any people insert brother’s name here to say hello! They covered Hot Chelle Rae’s I Like It Like That everyone including older parents in the audience couldn’t help but bob their heads along.  Riley did some microphone throws that I thought were pretty impressive.

Paradise Fears covered Ke$ha which was purely epic along with using a giant bass drum made it even better.  Goldhouse made me dance to end.  Action Item brought the noise and screams of everyone in the audience.  I was surprised to realize I have heard some of their songs that I didn’t realize were Action Item’s.  Brian has a great stage presence making the front row of fans vie for his attention the entire time.  Every single song 90% of the crowd was singing along every word to, it was insane!  They put on a great production and would recommend anyone who’s a fan of pop music to check them out.  Make sure you check Action Item and Goldhouse out on this year’s Vans Warped Tour coming to a city near you.

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