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PVRIS ‘White Noise’ Album Review

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If there’s one word I would use to describe PVRIS’s debut full length, “White Noise,” it would definitely be enticing. “White Noise” is a cornucopia of strong vocals, sensual guitars, and steady drum beats that leaves you wanting more even when the record ends.

The record starts off with “Smoke.” “Smoke,” starts off with a solo drum beat, joined by the strum of a guitar and controlled vocals. When the chorus kicks in, the vocals get slightly rougher, but still controlled, making up a perfect opening track. Following, “Smoke,” is “St. Patrick,” which quickly became a fan favorite over the summer. This track is easily the most upbeat on the record, giving a contrast between it and, “Smoke,” as well as, “My House,” which follows this song.

Following “My House” is “Holy.” “Holy,” begins softer than the previous tracks and kicks into vocals such as, “they don’t know you’re a poor unfortunate soul,” giving this track a lot of substance. When the chorus hits, it’s still rather soft and controlled, but still pleasing to hear.

At times, the album seems to be a little repetitive with the slower, calmer tempos, and your ears will beg for something to pick it up, but nonetheless, the record is still beautiful both lyrically and musically, especially once you get to the closing tracks, “Mirrors,” “Ghosts,” and “Let Them In.” All in all, this record is a great pop-rock album with some extreme substance to it, and we can’t wait to watch this band blow up.