PREMIERE: “Fallen” by Biletska

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Biletska is the solo project of Ukraine Born and raised singer, Maryna Biletska. Biletska was accepted into Berklee College of Music but got denied a visa to enter the United States. Instead of getting down, Biletska made it her goal to come to America. After a stint on The Ukrainian Voice, Biletska got to tour Europe with Michael Angelo Batio, inventor of the double guitar, and when the opportunity came for a North American leg, she hired a top immigration lawyer and was finally able to get her visa. Now she resides in Nahsville is gearing up to be be the next big pop singer/songwriter, starting ith her latest single, “Fallen”.

“My thoughts and emotions found themselves turning into melodies & lyrics, and they became one. The song takes me back in time to reflect on specific moments of my life. Fallen is about going out of your way to fight for everything that you stand for, it’s about friendship and loyalty.”