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Patrick Droney Debuts New Album “State of the Heart”

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After two EP’s Patrick Droney finally releases his full debut album State Of The Heart via Warner Records.

The 15-track debut album is entirely co-produced and co-written by Patrick. The album has previously released fan favorites like “The Wire” and “Glitter”

“We are all made up of stories. ‘State of the Heart’ reflects my own up to this point and with its release gives me the chance to embark on the next chapter,” Patrick Droney says. Packed with a beautiful blend of synth-pop, rock, and soul, and intimate storytelling throughout the album  ‘State Of The Heart’ explores the various state of a person’s heart dealing with loss, love, finding one’s self. “Music has always been my way of keeping a record of my experience of the human condition. My hope is that this record can be a friend to others and remind them they aren’t alone in their various states of the heart.”

‘State Of The Heart’ it’s a work of art and arguably one of Patrick Droney’s best work to date. Some songs that we IMMEDIATELY fell in love with were “River”, “Little by Little”, and “On your way”.

Listen to the album below.

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