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Jersey girl JEX shares with us what the future holds and what exactly she does at 2AM like her brand new song.

Stage Right Secrets | Congratulations on your new song “2AM”. What are you typically doing at 2AM?
JEX | Thank you! 99% of the time at 2AM, you can find me working in the studio.

You grew up on a farm in the Garden State, New Jersey! How did that shape your views on music?
Honestly, I always felt like I never fit in where I grew up. In South Jersey, there was always a mold to fit. You were either a theatre kid with the perfect voice, or you didn’t do music. All the action was in LA and a lot of times, my dreams were deemed unrealistic. I never knew what was possible until after dropping out of college. I’ve been breaking the mold since and encouraging young people in the area with big dreams to chase them.

You’ve done a lot of collaborations. Who is someone dead or a band that broke up that you wish you could collaborate with?
Oh my, I feel there were so many brilliant musicians that are no longer with us. I’d have to say Amy Winehouse. I wasn’t familiar with her work until after her death because I was so young, but after listening to her, I was obsessed. She is so raw, and it makes me feel extremely connected to her.

This is your first solo single. Can we expect an EP or LP eventually?
Absolutely, we are just getting started.

What do you hope listeners take away from your music?
I love this question. I wrote “Where We Started” about wanting to escape reality. I’ve gotten so many messages saying that song has helped so many others escape their situations mentally. There has been no greater joy in my life than receiving those messages. If people are living in a reality that is hard to handle, I want to give them a safe place to run to. I intend to continue to do that.

Do you have a five-year plan or anything like that?
I was never a “planner”. I’ve followed my passion more than a plan, but with that being said, having a plan is important. I am working on that with my team. 5 years from now, I envision being far more developed in my craft, and far more successful.


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Are you open to touring in the future?
Oh absolutely, that is the dream.

What did you read, listen to and watch during quarantine?
Honestly, I was very lucky. Quarantine didn’t affect me the way it affected others. My life barely changed, I was always by myself working in the studio – and that is the way it stayed..ha. I can’t say I dove into reading or watching anything (I barely watch TV), but I did listen to podcasts, and watched a lot of tutorials on YouTube!