Our Exclusive Chat with AK

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AK is an up-and-coming teen Hip-Hop megastar, originally known for his impressive covers which have over 100-million views! He has since branched out with several successful original singles under his belt that offer a fresh take on Hip-Hop, including his recent releases “Like I Got It” and “Broken.” Now he talks to us about his new music!

What is the story behind your latest single “Broken”?
I was in a really unhealthy relationship. I gave so much to someone who gave nothing in return and in the end, never really cared. That shit hurt. Even though the whole time I was reassured constantly from her telling me that I’m the only guy in her life, after 10 months I found out there was another guy in the picture the whole time. I had a feeling there was something sketchy going on from the jump but she swore to me there wasn’t, yet she was lying to my face the whole time. That shit was a mess but I learned a lot from it.

When did you start songwriting and where do you draw most of your inspiration?
I started with poetry in 8th grade. I picked up the mic because my older brother would mess around and make music with his homies and I always wanted in on it. I had to prove to them I was good enough to make a song with them so in the very beginning, my only goal was that. A lot of my inspiration now comes from my experiences in life. I do my best to be as transparent as possible though my music.

Are there any ways growing up in New Jersey shaped you as an artist?
I’m from South Brunswick which is a very diverse town in Jersey. I feel like I’ve been exposed to so many different people and music around here. It’s definitely given me different tastes of music and made me more open to new things later on. I think in the long run, it really just made me more open to new, different things musically.

How was your No Rest Tour?
I can’t believe that shit was real. I obviously want even more out of my next tour, but even being able to say we built something strong enough to the point where I can travel the US and do shows in so many different places and have a sick crowd to go crazy with every night is just surreal. I got the best fans ever, for real.

You clearly do not rest! Is there an EP or LP on the horizon?
Ah shit, nothing ‘official’ yet, but I do have something in the works. Stay active!

Who would be some of your dream collaborators?
J. Cole, Thug, Kendrick and Lil Wayne.

Do you have a favorite cover you have done?
I love them all but I admit, I bumped my ‘Thotiana’ remix a lot. I just had so much fun making it and I feel like you can tell when you hear it. When I bump it, it brings me back to the moment I was writing and recording it and it just brings me back to how much fun it was.

What is your biggest career goal?
Since I saw J. Cole at the PNC Bank Center in Holmdel on his 2014 Forest Hills Drive Tour, my dream has been to sell that same venue out myself. That night for real changed my life, it was almost like watching my future self. I almost felt like I’ve experienced being on a stage like that before even though I was just 15. That night made me realize that music is my path, I knew from that point on music was going to be what I do forever.