AK Releases “Closed Off”

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The weather may be getting colder, but hip-hop artist AK (Austin Kassabian) is bringing the heat on his new self-produced single “Closed Off.” AK opens up on “Closed Off” inviting listeners into his kingdom – and inevitably fandom – in which he rules supreme as the leader of a new era of hip-hop. The single comes off of his highly anticipated forthcoming EP “Closed Off,” which is guaranteed to be full of fiery flows.

Hailing from the Garden State, the young hip-hop artist has already firmly planted his feet in the music industry with his uncanny lyrical abilities. The 20-year-old artist from South Brunswick, NJ was quick to take to the internet by storm after writing and releasing remixed freestyle covers on his YouTube of top hip-hop tracks stamped with his own creative spin. Now with well over 100-Million YouTube views, AK has successfully branched out with several successful original singles under his belt. He recently wrapped up a nationwide tour, during which he released his first fully self-produced single “Ignorance Is Bliss.” Carving out a space of his own in the music industry, BET noted “this is only the beginning for hip-hop newcomer AK.” While, Idolator cited AK as “one of hip-hop’s hottest newcomers.”

“Closed Off” gives just a glimpse into what is to be AK’s greatest body of work to date. With each music release bigger than the last, it goes to show that AK is the next big thing in Hip Hop.