Corey Harper Releases “Better

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Corey Harper is baaaack with a brand new single! The track features soulful guitar riffs, upbeat vocals, and the encouraging message that we are better off embracing ourselves, even when we don’t have all the answers. The song is off Corey’s upcoming EP, Barely Put Together, out August 2nd via AWAL Recordings.

“’Better’ comes from a place where I compare myself in a really self-destructive way to other artists and people I respect and admire… it’s so easy nowadays to look like we have everything figured out because the canvas for success is resembled by a bunch of tiny squares on our phones. I’ve always struggled with not feeling like I’m interesting enough or have anything as important to say as other artists I see and learn from. This song is a letter and PSA for anyone who hears it, serving as an open invitation for people to see that we’re all human. You could say it’s my anti-hypeman anthem for the purpose of connecting with an audience I want to attract: those who need a voice and song to help them get through the feeling of not having everything figured out but being just fine with that.”