AK Releases “Oooo”

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Hip hop artist AK (Austin Kassabian) is putting fans in a trance with his new hypnotic music video for “ Oooo.” The single serves as a full-on anthem dedicated to the haters-turned-fans. The young artist keeps it both real and relatable with his song lyrics discussing how other people’s opinions and actions towards you shifts as your personal success skyrockets. AK raps, “Laughing cause half of these bozos hating now asking for photos.” During the song’s bridge, AK takes a moment to pause and reflect on the toll that the falsities associated with fame can take on ones’ mental health.

“I’m getting paid, but the mental game is the ultimate price
They don’t believe it or see it, I guess it’s too out of sight
And that’s the difference between us,
This shit ain’t always as it may seem, when you got big dreams”

AK often raps about the perks and perils that go along with a fast rise to fame as he experienced his own overnight success at age 16 when his YouTube video remix of Desiigner’s “Panda” went viral. The video has since amassed nearly 35-Million views, and was followed by a slew of other remixed freestyle covers before AK began releasing his own original singles. Today, the 20-year-old artist has been spending time in the studio crafting his forthcoming EP “ On Me” which is set to release on February 7, 2019. The single “Oooo” as well as his recently released track “ Closed Off” will both be featured on the highly anticipated EP.