Oliver Tree, Sueco and 347Aidan at the Warfield in San Francisco

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On February 22nd Oliver Tree came to the Warfield in San Francisco on his Cowboy Tears Tour. Opening the show was 347Aidan and Sueco. Both opening artists performed great sets and had the fans excited and engaged the entire show. Sueco was originally known for rapping but recently has transitioned into more of a pop punk/rock style, although at the end of his set he did perform the track that started his popularity, Fast. It was great seeing him doing something new and different but also showcasing his older music for fans that have been a fan since the beginning. 347Aidan is a newer artist as well and did a great job of getting the crowd excited and interested in his music. Finally it was time for Oliver Tree, who’s originally from Santa Cruz so this show in San Francisco was a hometown event. The set opened up with a child dressed up as Oliver and acted as him. Oliver Tree eventually came out in his old outfit and persona and eventually had an outfit change to display his new hairdo and outfit. The show was full of energy and his set changed throughout the event.