New Music Nashville: Artists You Need To Know

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With the summer coming to a close, we were blessed with some incredible new releases this season from seriously talented artists and musicians across all genres. With fall on the horizon and exciting times ahead, bring on the good times and better music with some of our favorite talented artists. We’ve gathered up great new music straight from Music City with songs from country music duo, Seaforth, on-the-rise singer/songwriters Curtis Braly and Johnny Dailey, teen country/pop artist Jordana Bryant and many more. Check out a few of our favorite new releases below, and enjoy the weekend!

Seaforth — “Breakups”

Liddy Clark — “We Both Know”

Drew Green — “She Got That”

Jordana Bryant — “Little Ol’ Me”

Walker County — “Bits & Pieces”

Thomas Day — “Softly”

Brandon Lay — “Broke”

Johnny Dailey — “Burns Like Whiskey”

Curtis Braly — “That Should Be Me (Acoustic)”

Callie Twisselman — “Cowboy”

Sheyda — “Wish I Could Want You”

Stella Prince — “Scared”

Amy Jack — “Dip In The Pool”