New Cloud Cult Song “No Hell”

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Minneapolis indie rock band Cloud Cult has just released a lyric video for their new song No Hell.  This video is shot in the woods with lead singer Craig Minowa scribbling down lyrics in his notebook along to the music.  If you’re already a fan of Cloud Cult you will agree that Craig writes some of the best lyrics of all time.  Cloud Cult lyrics have such a deep meaning to them and most lyrics have to deal with being a better person and opening your eyes to the world.  My favorite words to this song is part of the chorus when he writes/sings:

And someone tell the devil we don’t need no hell

We’re all pretty good at beating up ourselves

No Hell is a track that will be on Cloud Cults new album The Seeker that will be released February 2016.  Not only is it a brand new album, but Cloud Cult has been filming a feature film to go along with the album.  Each song will represent a different scene in the film.  The film is set to be released mid-March and will feature actors Josh Radnor (How I Met Your Mother) and Alex McKenna (The Stupids).  The band says that “The Seeker is an experimental art-drama serving as a metaphor for humanity’s search for the meaning of life and the divine. This album and film chronicles the life story of a girl who undergoes great loss at a young age and her life journey to find herself.”


Check out the lyric video below!