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LAs Triple Threat ft Carly Thomas Smith

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If you love music, which I’m guessing you do if you’re a fan of this site, then you might also be a fan of Broadway! The wonderful thing about Broadway is that stories come to life, right in front of you, backed with a full ensemble, costume changes and vocal powerhouses from all around the globe!

Some of the greatest Broadway performers are now working on other projects, that don’t require 5-7 shows a week. It’s exciting, but it’s draining, I’m sure. The sad thing for those of us who love Broadway and those vocal powerhouses who charm the stage each night is: we don’t always get a chance to see them perform after they leave it behind.

Thankfully, for those of us near the Los Angeles area, there is something called LAs Triple Threat! The idea behind it is, former Broadway LEGEND (Go with it) Michael-Leon Wooley gets together at least 3 former Broadway Performers who aren’t performing on Broadway anymore to share their gift with the audience.

This past Monday, was a special Triple Threat not only because there were double the performers, but all 6 of them were Moms! The show went to benefit Club 21 which is a Program to help Children with Down Syndrome. There were families in attendance and many brought their children along with them, so they could see just who was helping their program!

The performers were amazing and of course my favorite was Carly Thomas Smith who has played ‘Maureen’ in the Broadway Musical ‘Rent.’ She has had various acting and singing roles over the years, my favorites include an episode of Friends, Revenge and even doing Background Vocals for Taylor Swift. The latter is how I came to first hear of Mrs. Thomas Smith over three years ago.


After deciding a World Tour would be too much time apart from her husband and son, I have been able to keep in contact with Mrs. Thomas Smith and support her at  local events! It is truly amazing how talented and wonderful the people backing up our favorite artists are. It’s mind blowing how they themselves are stars in their own!

I was able to take a few videos of her performances throughout the night!


After the show ended, in a weird twist of Irony, Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ started playing! Carly told me after that she was also wearing the leggings bought by Miss Swift as a present to her during their time together! Cue the AWWWs.

So glad to see such a talented performer again! Can’t wait til the next one!

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