DJ/Producer KITTENS Launches New Series SHE/HER/THEY

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LA-based DJ, Producer, and Intersectional Feminist advocate KITTENS has announced the launch of a new series, SHE/HER/THEY.

In the new weekly series, announced conveniently on Lesbian Visibility Day, the producer will invite special guests who “transcend identity expectations to give their takes on authenticity, gender, creativity and figuring out life outside the boxes and binaries.”

“This was a true labor of love,” KITTENS shared in her Instagram stories. “Entirely independently self-produced. This was a major DIY moment and took a long time but I’m just so happy it’s finally here to share.”

KITTENS also took to her Instagram stories to thank her girlfriend Amen, who handled the graphic design and art direction of the project.

Season 1 of the new show includes iconic and rising LGBTQ+ women & femme artists Demi Lovato, Hayley Kiyoko, Syd (The Internet), Lauren Jauregui (Fifth Harmony), Donna Missal, Asiahn, and Zilo.

SHE/HER/THEY is not KITTENS’ first effort at empowering women of all backgrounds. Back in 2017, the DJ had partnered with Scratch DJ Academy and the DJ software company Serato for PWR, a series of DJ classes and workshops for women, by women, with the aim of providing education, empowerment, and support to women who are looking to learn a new skill in a safe space.

SHE/HER/THEY premieres April 30th @ 11 am PST with new episodes coming every Friday.

Listen & Subscribe to SHE/HER/THEY on :, and on Instagram @sheherthey & @iamkittens


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