John Mayer Review at Food Network In Concert!

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Whatever you’ve heard negative or positive from the media, ignore. Base your thoughts about him solely on his art, no preconceived notions. The thing I admire about John is the fact that he doesn’t need a big production, he just walks on stage and everyone is on their feet. Obviously his guitar skills are phenomenal and he is one of the best in the world. I could sit there and watch him play guitar for hours on end. My mouth was open during all of his solos, it is that incredible to see live.

John played all of his classics along with his new music from his latest album “Paradise Valley”.  John has a way about him to make the entire audience feel at ease and relaxed.  His voice live sounds better than his recordings.  Even live his voice is pitch perfect with the subtle inflections that make his vocals perfect.

John’s demeanor was a big part into creating the atmosphere of his concert. I felt so comfortable swaying and singing along without other concert goers judging me, since everyone else was doing the same. I definitely will be checking out John again when he’s in town next.

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