First EDM Festival Experience- Do’s and Dont’s!

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Staff members Gina and Jacklyn attended Snowstorm Music Festival at Navy Pier in Chicago, IL on Saturday March 7th. The ladies compiled a list of Do’s and Dont’s of their first electronic music festival.


  • Do wear makeup! We got ours done there and it was such a cool thing to do. Where else can you put paint on your face and not be judged?
  • Don’t miss a beat. Grab a map and write down what sets you want to see. We almost caught everyone and wow did each set have a different vibe.
  • Do make friends! Be social and talk to people, everyone is so kind and if you get lost- helpful!
  • Do hula hoop! Light up hula hoops are crazy cool to stare at and I need to learn how to properly perform with them.
  • Don’t leave your drinks around! Recycle and keep yours in your sight to be safe!
  • Do take tons of pictures! It’s so cool to show friends who have never been and to show your 86 year old grandmother what an electronic festival is all about.

Jacklyn is the Editor In Chief of Stage Right Secrets. Jacklyn's photography and articles can also be found on The Recording Academy's GRAMMYPro, GRAMMYU, PopCrush, Taste of Country, among other outlets. Besides press Jacklyn is a "Jack of All Trades" working various jobs at local concerts and touring.