Fight The Silence Tour Review

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After trying to find parking for a little over twenty minutes we finally found a spot next to Mojoe’s in Joliet, IL.  Around 200 fans were waiting outside to get a closer spot to the stage in the 30 degree cold, some in only shorts and tank tops.  Around 7:00 we walk onto the bus greeted by the band and all of their Chicago friends.  Mattie walked us to the back lounge to do the interview, he remembered me from interviewing him for Fat Kid on Warped Tour.  We chatted a bit and didn’t realize we have two of the same health problems which I was shocked to learn about since he is always on tour and doing something amazing.  He made a great interview.

Upon a Burning body put on a great set. They had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hand from the first song! Our hearts were even swooning over how snazzy they look.
The Word Alive were the second band to take the stage that night. And our staff member Alaina, thought they were pretty good. “Telle knows how to get the crowd pumped up and he even dove into the crowd.”

Memphis May Fire came out so jacked up to play and it was refreshing to see. The crowd was so responsive to them an basically sang along to every song. SRS was really impressed with  MMF drum kit which had a picture of a bear on it (RAD).

For Today who was the last band to play. If you didn’t know FT is a Christian band and surprisingly the crowd was very positively responsive to Matties preaching message at ever show. So that was a nice change. Usually you have mixed signals with that. They played a song off of their new ep, which hasn’t been released yet but it was INSANE. All in all great show. Crowd was crazy responsive and I think every single person crowd surfed at least once. There were the circle pits and lots of moshing. At one point during the show, the crowd went all the way to the back wall too for basically the whole show.

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