Eric Church Honors Taylor Swift in His CMHOF Exhibit

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Eric Church’s Country Music Hall of Fame Exhibit is now on display through February. Of course walking through the exhibit you might expect to see some items he’s worn, instruments he’s played and even awards he’s won.

What might surprise you is that he also has a Taylor Swift Gold Record on display! If you don’t know the back story, Church was opening on the Rascal Flatts tour where he was fired for constantly playing too long and Swift took the opening spot!

Swift called him up to thank him and Church joked that she owed him her first gold record! Swift didn’t disappoint. Sure enough her debut album went gold and Swift added a personal note and autograph that read

“Eric, Thanks for playing too long on the Flatts tour. I SINCERELY appreciate it. Hahaha. Love you! Taylor.”


Here’s a look at the Gold Record!