Chesko To Drop Inside Gen Remixes TONIGHT!

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Rising Spanish producer Chesko is releasing an EP of remixes to go along his debut album, Inside Gen.

Months after the release of his debut album Inside Gen, the 21-year-old electronic artist will release his long-awaited remix EP TONIGHT at midnight! After racking up an impressive 500k+ streams with his fresh take on future bass, Chesko has opened his tracks to some incredible producers, including Broshi, Ghost In Real Life, STØNE and XELA, to bring a fresh take to his future bass meets bedroom pop record. This new EP features 4 songs from his debut album, remixed by a talented range of DJs and producers.

“I wanted to give a spotlight to those artists who truly deserve it,” Chesko shared. “Once they started sending me the first versions of their mixes, I was amazed and have continued to be so up until the final mixes. I love the adaptations and new ideas they brought to each song and can’t wait for my listeners to feel the same.”

Broshi, an LA-based DJ, brought his sound of dance music and dubstep to Chesko’s debut single ‘Apart’, with talented US based Ghost in Real Life giving her spin on ‘Rise Up’, intertwining the empowering melodic aspects of the original mix with her classic dubstep style.

The future bass meets pop track Your Hand in Mine, produced alongside fellow DJ Avolo and infused with the astounding vocals of Gabriel Benjamin, is met with the raw talent of XELA. XELA took this powerhouse song, adding his trance-like production to it and making it one of the stand-out tracks of the EP.

Californian DJ STØNE, lends his interpretation of the electronic pop classic ‘Start Over’, featuring rising Argentinean star, Rizha. STØNE infused this track with sounds reminiscent of classic electronic dance music, flipping the track to one that could be played across clubs worldwide.


INSINE GEN: The Remixes

Track 1: Chesko -Apart (Broshi Remix)
Track 2: Chesko and Avolo (ft. Gabriel Benjamin) –Your Hand in Mine (XELA Remix)
Track 3: Chesko & DaWave –Rise Up (Ghost In Real Life Remix)
Track 4: Chesko and Rizha –Start Over (STØNE Remix)

Check out more about Inside Gen through our exclusive interview with Chesko in the Winter 2020 issue of Stage Right Secrets Magazine OUT NOW!

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