Rizha Teases New Album FEVER DREAM, Out Dec. 18!

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It’s been a long time coming, but the wait for Rizha’s new album is almost over!

After months of teasing her new album, 21-year-old Rizha has finally given more details about her much-awaited record. The artist took over her social media platforms today to share a 27-second-long video, linking her upcoming era to her latest album, Outside.

“Day 193,” the first screen reads, before fading to a picture of a spaceship, the very same that can be seen on the back of the Outside booklet.

Fans on Twitter couldn’t help but notice the first screen recalls the intro of Rizha’s sophomore album that went as such, “It’s been 912 days since we left Earth.” Last year, the talented young singer had developed and produced a chronological series of videos in which she could be seen in space, journaling what could be “humanity’s last chance to say something.”

Will the artist’s new era be a follow up to this journaling?

Only time will tell, but in the meantime, Rizha has shared another couple of details about her upcoming album.

In the very same 27-second video, two binary codes appear and disappear at the end. Translating them, fans quickly realised the first one read FEVER DREAM, and the second 18.12.2020.

Rizha had confirmed FEVER DREAM to be the title of her third album just yesterday, after performing live for Radio 3 in Madrid, but fans still had no idea of what the release date could be until today.

The singer-songwriter has yet to share the number of tracks that are due on the album on December 18. However, we can already expect her three latest singles —LIVE THE WEEKEND ft. GIRLI, FEVER DREAM ft. DEVA and GOODTIME— as well as Kill The Machine, a song she’s performed live a couple of times, to be part of it.


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