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LIVE REVIEW Boys Like Girls

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 I’ve never seen Boys Like Girls live, which is weird because I’ve been a fan of theirs for quite some time. We drove three hours to Milwaukee, WI to see the band perform.  As soon as The Rave went dark, the crowd roared as they opened with their most well known song, “The Great Escape.” Everyone in the front row had the biggest smiles on the faces, which didn’t surprise me since some of them had been waiting outside in the pouring, cold rain for four hours.

   In an instant, white Christmas lights turned on, lighting up the amps and road cases to rounds of applause. When the first chords of “Hero/Heroine” rang out, everyone started swaying and singing along; everyone knew the words. While performing their third song, Paul decided to take my camera and take a picture of me. The guys played with my camera, making hilarious faces and taking pictures; after that, they earn the most entertaining band award! I was taken aback by how great Martin’s vocals were live—some of the best I’ve ever heard. He sounded exactly like he did on the CD’s.

   The guys did the cutest thing when they picked a girl from the audience and brought her on stage to sing “Two Is Better Than One.” They made a good pick because the girl did an amazing job and seemed to stun the audience with her talent. During their song “Love Drunk,” the band stopped and Martin told everyone to put away the cameras and cell phones away.  He said there were already videos of the song on Youtube and enough pictures of them on the Internet. He said, “Let’s make it all about the rock music.” Out of all the shows I have been to, I have never seen something like that before.

   For the last song of the show, they serenaded everyone with “Hey Jude,” which even made me swoon and scream along. At the end of the day I recommend getting a ticket to see these guys perform. They put on one heck of a show, and I admire how they make the experience all about the music. It will definitely be worth it!

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