Aminé at the Masonic in San Francisco

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On February 4th Aminé, Cochise, and 454 performed at the Masonic in San Francisco. Opening up the show was 454, he was full of energy and really got the crowd excited for the rest of the show. Next up was Cochise. He also came out with a ton of energy and the crowd was really excited to see both of these openers. When it was time for Aminé to perform all the fans were full of energy and excitement. He had a great setup with memories of his hometown, Portland Oregon. He walked out of the Alberta market and the crowd went crazy. He played a great collection of songs including, Red Mercedes, Caroline, Ratchet Saturn Girl, Shimmy, BLACKJACK, and Heebiejeebies. In total he performed 26 songs and at one point in the set he picked a fan to come up and sign his pants. He was putting a patch on his pants of every state he visited on this tour and would pick one fan at every show to sign his “Traveling” pants.