10 Moments That Proved Taylor Swift and The Eras Tour Has One of The Most Show-Stopping Concert Productions

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Taylor Swift has yet again graced Swifties with one of the most advanced concert productions ever with her The Eras Tour.

The North American Tour is currently underway with her stage production and presence creating a larger-than-life show. Nearly every seat in the house provides a unique and worthy view of the production that her riggers, lighting designers, production assistants, AV techs, and numerous other workers in countless fields created.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Eras Tour concert

1.) The Opening

Taylor Swift rises from below in a typical riser mechanism. However, she adds flair to it by having her background dancers cover her with pastel cloud drapery. They go on to reveal her while the crowd roars with excitement.

2.) The Infamous Stage ‘Dive’

While dropping through a trap door is common among concerts and the theater, Swift’s team took it a step further. The floor graphics display water and waves rushing on the catwalk. She then quite literally dives into the trap door where she presumably falls on a mat to cushion her dive.

3.) The Man-Made Office

During the third song in her set list, “The Man,” the stage transforms into an office. The various levels of the office are complete with desks, paperwork, and office supplies. What makes this even more impressive is the fact that it transforms back quickly which later turns into the house from Taylor Swift’s “Lover” music video.

4.) Taylor Swift + Crowd Bracelets

Taylor Swift has become known for featuring light-up bracelets for every concert attendee. The technology is able to program a specific color, light, and action based on the person’s seating. This is all synchronized to the music as well which makes it quite a sight to see. One of the standout moments with the technology was when the entire arena did “the wave” with a rainbow. Pro tip: keep the plastic pull tab and insert it back into the bracelet after the show to stop it from flashing to use at a later date.

5.) The Many Taylor Swift Eras

During “Look What You Made Me Do” Taylor Swift performs around her backup dancers dressed as her from different eras. The visual graphics are absolutely stunning in addition to the costumes themselves.

6.) Reputation Vibes

During “Don’t Blame Me” the 33-year-old enlists the help of lasers, graphics, air cannons, and a riser. With the fog and orange light scheme, it does look like the stage is set ablaze while Swift rises from the diamond B-stage set after the catwalk coming from the main stage.

7.) Cabin in the Venue

During the Folklore section of her setlist, the stage welcomes a cabin, similar to the one she performed alongside at the Grammys. Not only that but Taylor Swift performs an entire song on top of its roof.

8.) Taylor Swift and Her Evermore Forest

Who else could erect an entire forest in mere minutes on a stage? Taylor Swift and her team, that’s who. Trees are seen throughout the stage along with a piano covered in moss.

9.) Epic Firework Ending For The Eras Tour

What sold-out stadium concert would be complete without fireworks? While the pyro is quite the spectacle, her performance of “Karma” as her 44th track made for a great send off for the legion of fans.

10.) Taylor Swift and The Eras Tour Transformations

Let’s not forget that Taylor Swift performs for three hours on a stage every single night. This is an uncommon and mostly unheard of practice for a headliner, who typically performs between one or two hours. The eras each have their own unique aesthetic to them, and the stage transforms for each moment in the show.

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