Country Artist Marie Wise-Hawkins Kicks Off Summer with Brand New Single “Somewhere In Mexico”

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With temperatures rising and the sun shining well past 5 o’clock, summer is just mere moments away and country artist Marie Wise-Hawkins is wasting no time slipping into vacation mode. Inspired by a picture-perfect stay in Mexico a few years ago, her new single, “Somewhere In Mexico” radiates that laid-back attitude and has us in a tropical state of mind. We spoke with the California native about the brand-new single which you can hear exclusively on Stage Right Secrets today. Check it out below! 

Infused with a warm and familiar island sound, “Somewhere In Mexico” instantly evokes visions of white sand and crystal clear water. With love-laced lyrics and a stunning vocal that seems to float atop the melody, Marie is solidifying her place within the country genre with her fresh coastal sound.

“It was inspired by a vacation and wedding I attended in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico,” Marie told us of the song. “When I got back home and to reality, all I could think about was the trip. I was constantly daydreaming about it. I thought to myself, I need to write a song about this because I’m sure others can relate to getting back to reality and dreaming about being back on vacation when they get back to work. I wanted to bring all the elements that I felt there into the music 

between the mariachi bands, ocean waves, sunset and beach so that way listeners could feel like they have been transported there. I really think the song lyrically brings the listeners on that dreamy romantic weekend with me.”

Written a few years ago, the message still rings true, maybe now more than ever. “I wrote it with my friend Suzanne Harper in 2017 and brought Keith Hetrick in on the song in 2019 to give it the final touches it needed,” she shares. “It was such a fun experience writing with them both and I am so proud of this song and am so excited to share it with the world! I always knew this song was timeless and really special to me and knew I had to do something with it. When quarantine hit it delayed the process of my music being completed but the wait was totally worth it!” 

We couldn’t agree more and luckily for us, there is more to come on the horizon! “Somewhere In Mexico” starts what Marie describes as a “trilogy of songs” soon to come. “‘Somewhere in Mexico’ is the first song from a trilogy of songs being released. We also filmed a music video for it coming out April 28th! Be on the lookout for announcements about the remaining songs throughout the summer! My fans can also catch me six days a week playing with my band at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge in Nashville.” 

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