Warner Music Group and Crush Music Join Forces with New Label

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Warner Music Group has teamed up with Crush Music to form a brand new label.

Crush, founded in 2002 by Jonathan Daniel and Bob McLynn, is the multi-faceted music company that discovered such acts as Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco. Their current roster has expanded to include those artists alongside Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness, Sia, Weezer, Matt Nathanson, Train and numerous others.

The deal will see Weezer’s White Album (out April 1) released via Crush Music/Atlantic Records, and future recordings from the venture will be released under the Warner Bros. or Atlantic name. Chief marketing officer of Crush Music, Dan Kruchkow, will be working with the other labels on projects.

Both sides of the new project see it as an opportunity to expand their horizons and better serve the artists they work with.


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