Until The Ribbon Breaks Release Self-Titled Sophomore Album

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Until The Ribbon Breaks (Pete Lawrie Winfield and Elliot Wall) have released their self-titled sophomore album. While this record isn’t the duo’s first album, it is their most vulnerable and honest with each song born out of Pete’s inspiring journey from rock bottom to recovery, as he details his recent transformation in a heartfelt letter to his fans.

Speaking of “Push Pull” — which premiered today — Pete explains: “A part of my recovery that I have been thus far reticent to talk about (for fear of sounding a little new age) was an incredibly profound experience with the Amazonian hallucinogenic medicine Ayahuasca. I won’t go into the details, but, for me it was a real turning point and a chance to see life from another perspective. A glimpse into something, somewhere else. Push/Pull was written directly afterwards. I wanted to write down immediately some of the words and the messages that seemed to kaleidoscope Through my mind. “There is a better life in the bark of the bodhi tree, I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it.

The visual element to the record also continues Until The Ribbon Breaks’ trend to always set their music to film. Whereas in the past they would create a soundtrack to projected movies by the likes of David Lynch in the studio, this time Pete and Elliot directed all the visuals after making the record. Watch “Here Comes The Feeling” HERE, “My Love” HERE, “One Match” HERE, “Push Pull” HERE and “Count The Lightning” HERE.

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