INTERVIEW | The Footlight District Share Creative Video for ‘Electric Cherry Horse’

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As their trailblazing their own path, The Footlight District is focusing on stepping out of the box and creating creatively. Recently, the band released their latest single titled “Electric Cherry Horse,” which is accompanied by a unique music video.

Watch the official video for “Electric Cherry Horse” below.

In our quick interview with the band, you can learn about their inspirations, creative process, and more below.

SRS | What got you into music?

The Footlight District | We’ve all loved music from a very early age, our parents listened to a lot of “oldies” 50’s/60’s rock and roll. Growing up in the South we were also exposed to a lot of blues, gospel, jazz, and bluegrass music. So I’d say there’s definitely some influences in there that trickled down into our music. Our lead singer’s first performance was actually at a funereal, so it could only go up from there!

Who inspired you to make music?

We’d have to thank our parents for that, they aren’t musically inclined but they loved it and always had it playing around the house. So I think being exposed to it at such an early age, we all developed a love for it. Now it’s consumed our lives!

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

It’s very energetic to match our live performances, but also every song is very personal to us. We try not to hold ourselves to one style but yet we feel every song still has our unique touch to it. So you’d know it’s us when you hear it.  Also having a main singer but a total of five vocalists who are all siblings allows us to do some interesting things that not every band could pull off live normally.  

What is your creative process like?

We all kinda do a little bit of everything when it comes to creating a song. Sometimes people will have little pieces of things that we end up putting together, or we’ll end up making something new on the spot at the moment. We don’t really have just one way of doing it. Like with this song and our new album, we’re currently working on we’ve been collaborating with Russell Marsden of Band Of Skulls and Enrico Berto of Mushroom Studios. It’s been great working with them, and Russell’s been working with us on the writing side and that’s been a really rewarding experience!

Who would be your dream collaborator?

Collaborating with Russell Marsden and Enrico Berto has been so great, it’d be pretty hard to beat that haha But if we could write and perform a song with anyone, we’d probably pick Jack White. We think our sounds would blend really well together.

You can connect with The Footlight District on Instagram.