QUICK 3 INTERVIEW | Rebecca Moreland Continues Upward Journey with “Could Really Use A Friend”

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Singer-songwriter Rebecca Moreland is riding the waves of her latest single, “Could Really Use A Friend.” Released in March, Rebecca has been actively pushing the release throughout the country as she’s on her radio tour.

You can listen to “Could Really Use a Friend” below.

As this single is currently being played on stations across the nation, Moreland’s received nearly 30k streams on Spotify.

As she’s currently on the road, we’ve caught up with Rebecca to ask about her roots in music.

What got you into music? I grew up in a musical family – my mom is a classical composer and vocal coach and my brothers play guitar. My dad is an amazing musician too and taught me how to craft a good melody. Growing up we sang our prayers and played music after church for hours. So music was like water to me. 

Who inspired you to make music? I think for me it was realizing that a song can help a person feel less alone. I remember I was listening to “Copperline” by James Taylor probably when I was 5, and realized that songs tell stories. I was hooked after that. Writing songs for me is therapy and I write not only for myself but to help others feel less alone. 

How would you describe the music that you typically create? Everything I write is honest and from the heart. I write about my direct experiences and the experiences of my friends/others I’m writing with. Some writers will get in a room and try to write something that sounds like a hit. For me — authenticity is key. 

You can learn more about Rebecca Moreland by connecting with her on Instagram.