Taylor Swift Still Slays While A Fan Storms The Stage

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Taylor swift is a force to be reckoned with due to her endless thrills and special guests at her 1989 World Tour. On Saturday’s tour stop in San Diego, though, an unexpected guest jumped onto stage.

26-year-old Christian Ewig stormed the stage past security while Taylor was performing her hit song “Style.” Four security guards attempted to catch the crasher, but it certainly wasn’t easy. One of Tay’s security guards broke a rib while trying to catch him! Ouch!

What was Taylor doing during the surprise brawl? Well, erm, nothing! Tay just kept strutting her stuff while donning a silver sequin dress! You go girl!

Looks like Ewig won’t be part of Tay’s “entourage” anytime soon! His bail is currently set at $35k, yikes!

We commend taylor on keeping a brave face and wish her security guard a speedy recovery!

Catch TMZ’s video here of the all out brawl between the fan and Swift’s Security!