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Taylor Swift 1989 Album Review!

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After accidentally releasing seven seconds of static to iTunes and the track going to number one, it’s a wonder if Taylor Swift could do any wrong. “Shake It Off” was the perfect lead off single for her album “1989”. Unlike most celebrities, Miss. Swift stays humble with inviting hundreds of fans to her homes and hotel rooms in various cities all over the globe. Not only did she bake for them, meet every single one of them, and play them the album, she also let them hold her cat. For any Swiftie, that right there is royalty. Back to her album, Miss. Swift is known for having relatable songs, and that is exactly what “Shake It Off” was.
One of many things I admire about Swift is that every song she’s put out, she wrote or co-wrote. Not many artists can attest to that while having incredible success and relatability. Swift clearly found a way. “Out Of The Woods” was the second track to be released to her legion of fans, to an incredible reaction. Her story telling capability is something that is awe inspiring. The internet almost broke with all of the woods jokes fans were posting on various social media platforms.
“Style” showcases Swift’s vocals, the subtle imperfections and different pronunciations in her voice make the song that much more enjoyable. Style is such a pure pop song. Watching and growing with Taylor these past few years have been an incredible experience, to see her go from the country girl to a beautiful independent pop diva is something you write songs and books about.
“This Love” is in three words, a beautiful hypnotic trance. Technically four words. “Welcome To New York” tells Taylor’s thoughts and story about moving to the big apple. “Blank Space” was something I didn’t even see on the radar for the new “pop” Taylor. The track is such a unique song, showing some electronic influence. Every word she says in this song, you wish you could have come up with before hearing. She puts words to the thoughts in your head you can’t annunciate about a relationship.
“All You Had To Do Was Stay” is such a heartbreaking song, that somehow is in a happy and catchy manner. Only T. Swift could make something heart wrenching, uplifting and danceable. Meanwhile, “Bad Blood” is a whole new category. “I Know A Place” is a song I can’t put into a specific genre. It has a little bit of everything making it something anyone could listen to and actually enjoy.
“Wildest Dreams” is a new take for Taylor on romance. It’s such a sweet song that is just asking that your ex-lover remembers you in the good times. “Bad Blood” was in the news said to be about a famous pop star, regardless the song is magnificent. The way she eloquently and with class explains a frienemy situation is something that should be applauded. “How You Get A Girl” is a song all men should take notes on. “Clean” is such a beautifully written song, I wish I could see Taylor punch a hole in the wall.

Now that I told you my take on the album, make sure to pick up her album via iTunes, CD, carrier pigeon, or any other legal manner. I promise you will not be disappointed and find a new song that describes your life perfectly. Taylor Swift, I don’t know how you do what you do, but thank you.

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