‘Summer In The Hamptons’ Lyrics By The Jonas Brothers

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Are you ready to learn the lyrics to “Summer In The Hamptons” from the Jonas Brothers?

Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas released their fifth studio album, The Album, on May 11, 2023. The track was first performed at select intimate concerts leading up to their upcoming tour. During each concert, the band will perform their entire discography, all tracks from all five albums. Pre-sale tickets are available on Ticketmaster now, with the shows being held in arenas and stadiums throughout the United States.

The Jonas Brothers sing about sex in the lyrics of “Summer In The Hamptons,” a first for them.

“Obviously we’re not duetting those songs,” Joe Jonas explained to Bustle. “Very individual singing in that.” Nick added that it “can be strange” singing about sex alongside your brother in some regards. “It’s natural to speak about your life and where you’re at,” Kevin said of the track. “Like, that’s my wife and partner in crime of 13 years, you know?”

All three brothers are now married to their respective partners for years and started families together. Kevin married Danielle Jonas and share two daughters together while Joe married Sophie Turner who have two daughters and Nick who wed Priyanka Chopra and have a daughter together.

‘Summer In The Hamptons’ Lyrics

Verse 1

Warm waterfalls stay falling on me, oh
Your body takes me to some kind of place

Sex like summer in the Hamptons, ba da ba, ba da ba / ba da ba, ba da ba [repeat x3]

Verse 2

I’m deep inside your sand
A different kind of warmness
My heart inside your hands, a thousand wild horses

[Repeat Chorus]

Outro [repeat x3]

Champagne ocean, raw emotion, sky wide open
Sex like summer in the Hamptons
Champagne ocean, raw emotion, sky wide open
Sex like summer in the Hamptons

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