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Springtime Carnivore

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Last night I took a trip down Vine Street to the Bardot to catch a band.  Every Monday night (but in this case, Tuesday night) the Avalon Hollywood hosts a School Night event where local artists have a set to perform.  I had my heart set on this day because Springtime Carnivore was performing and I’ve wanted to see them perform for quite a while now!  Tonight they have a show at the Troubadour but it’s been sold out so I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to see them but they released that because of the sold out show, they’d play a show a night earlier.

We showed up early because tickets were first come first serve.  It was my first time at the Bardot and it was quite the classy affair where you could be dressed up and have a glass of red wine, but there were plenty of people in jeans and flannel pull overs.  The lighting was dim, the air was smoky, the drinks were expensive, and the performances finally started.

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Springtime Carnivore was the third set to play and by that time I squeezed myself right up next to the platform of a stage in the middle of the venue.  The band is Greta Morgan’s new project.  You might know Greta from her previous bands The Hush Sound and Gold Motel.  I’m a huge fan of Greta’s voice and have been following her music for a few years and I was really excited to see what this new band is bringing to the table.  When I first listened to them I thought of a high school prom, but possibly ran by zombies.  If that sounds a little weird to you, check out Springtime Carnivore’s album Springtime Carnivore.  It was JUST released and you can even listen to it on spotify.

During the show Greta announced that this was actually Springtime Carnivores first ever live show! They killed it and the four piece band had a great time performing together, they even all bounced at the same time!  They ended with their single Name on a Matchbook which got the whole crowd dancing and bouncing around.  Again, I was blown away by Greta’s voice and you will be too.  Springtime Carnivore is just about to go on their first tour so if you can make it to any of these shows, I really suggest going and having a great time!


Nov 12th – Troubadour in Los Angeles
Nov 13th – San Francisco @ The Chapel
Nov 15th – Seattle The Crocodile
Nov 16th – Portland Doug Fir Lounge (2nd show added!)
Nov 17th – Vancouver The Biltmore Cabaret