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When now-24-year-old Morane Miangue launched her music career in 2020, she knew she needed a strong concept and an even stronger audience. 

Emerging as a female artist in the Belgian R&B scene at a time when in-person performances were not an option due to the pandemic, Morane had to use other tools to promote her music. In addition to grabbing the attention of several local radio stations, the artist also relied on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram to get her name out there. 

The young artist started by releasing 4 singles in 2020 as part of her first project, Connecting- Disconnecting- Reconnecting, with one aim in mind: translating personal stories into visuals and melodies that everyone can relate to.

Strong from the reception to that first project and constantly creating, Morane started sharing her second project, TO GET HER by the end of that same year. 

Wrapping up with the release of “Moody” in February 2021, this new project was also carefully threaded into a singular idea: one of a video game that consists of three different levels, a metaphor for the different stages in her life.

For the following couple of years, the young artist focused on creating new music while still performing her first two projects throughout Belgium. Her focus and determination helped the singer-songwriter craft her own peculiar sound, heavily influenced by jazz, soul, and hip-hop. 

Now this year, Morane is determined to put all of this hard work back into the world by releasing more music, starting as early as next week for the greatest delight of her ever-growing fanbase.

On March 7th, the artist will indeed release “On My Mind,” her first single since 2022.

In a first teaser posted on her TikTok page, the singer-songwriter thanked her collaborators, including producer Blackspy, and shared her excitement about the release.

“You know, I’ve been healing, I’ve been thinking, I’ve been creating. I feel ready to share a piece of myself with you again,” Morane shared on TikTok.

“On My Mind” will be available on all streaming platforms on March 7.

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