Morane Prioritises Herself in New Single, ‘Can’t Go’

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If there’s one thing to take away from the work of emerging Belgian artist Morane, it’s that it’s going to be bold, and it’s going to involve an army of creatives. Her newest single, ‘Can’t Go’ doesn’t settle for anything less.

Released today, “Can’t Go” is the second preview from the 24-year-old’s forthcoming EP, set to release in April 2024.

“This song means so much to me,” the singer shared on Instagram. “I still can’t believe it is really out there for the world to discover.”

“Can’t Go” shines with authenticity, as Morane shares all the ways she’s prioritised working on herself and finding balance in her early 20’s.

“Sometimes, I feel like I’m missing out or people are making me feel like I’m missing out [by not going out] while now I’m at a certain point where I’ve just found peace with that. […] This is something I was struggling with being an artist, because as an artist, you should go outside a lot and you should be around people a lot, it’s kind of part of your job.”

But Morane doesn’t have to be worried about being well surrounded when it comes to her artistry. Much like she did for “On My Mind,” the young artist teamed up with an army of collaborators to bring her vision for this new track to life. “Can’t Go” was entirely written by Morane with some help from sound engineer Zediam, who also mixed and mastered the track, while the production was handled by Moonwalker and Djam3s.

For the artwork, Morane also took a collaborative approach by gathering a team of photographers (@mellunman), creative directors (@moenialadhib), illustrators (@jillostrations) and hair and makeup artists (@ms.unknowing and

Surrounded by a handful of like-minded peers, Morane manages to make listeners plunge into her universe by taking bold chances, and it works.

Check out the lyrics video of “Can’t Go” below:

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