Inside Morane ‘s Dangerous Butterflies Listening Party

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“Please take off your shoes and step into the world of Morane,” a paper board reads as guests arrive at the listening party that emerging Belgian singer-songwriter Morane is throwing for her debut EP, Dangerous Butterflies.

As collaborators, friends and family of Morane do just that, the excitement is buzzing. Dutch mixes with English and French as people take place in the upstairs room of the MINO Art Space and Agency in Antwerp, Belgium on April 4th, 2024. The room basks in soft purple lights, and rows of chairs surround a hand-made giant cocoon that Morane’s friends Niksa Božikivić and Carola Pittoors created earlier that day to bring her vision to life. 

Once everyone is settled and voices become mere whispers, the artist’s voice starts resonating around the room, reciting a pre-recorded intro, “Chrysalis,” that serves as the first track of the EP. 

As the last words echo through the room, Morane rises from a corner of the cocoon and steps to the mic. 

What ensues next is a beautiful 10-minute performance of all three additional tracks off of the record. 

In addition to her previously-released singles “On My Mind” and “Can’t Go,” Morane also performs “Soul,” as well as a bonus track “Mon Coeur,” which she sings entirely in French.

In between tracks, Morane takes the time to thank all the collaborators who contributed to the project, which she describes as a rebirth.

“After being hidden in my cocoon for so long, fighting against my thoughts, I decided it was time for me to rebuild myself, stronger than before,” the singer shared on Instagram. “I used my pain as my strength and I’ve been fighting ever since.”

The intimate showcase was followed by a reception, which was just as beautiful as the performance itself. The room was fully decorated, with the EP artwork being displayed on each wall, and on the centerpieces of each table. And while Morane hopped from person to person, thanking them all one by one for coming and posing for some photos, her mother could be seen walking around with plates of butterfly-themed cupcakes and making sure everyone was having a good time. And everyone truly was!

The whole room radiated with joy, love, and camaraderie, a perfect reflection of the energy Morane is putting into the world.

Dangerous Butterflies is out now on all streaming platforms.

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