Exclusive: Sophie Simmons Talks New Single “Black Mirror”

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The incomparable Sophie Simmons’ latest single is available for pre-order now (Get it HERE ). Between music, acting, philanthropy, writing, and more, we’re questioning how this girl has any time to sleep, let alone be so lovely to chat with us.

SRS: Congratulations on your first solo single “Black Mirror”! What’s the inspiration behind the song?

SS: The song is about love, self-sabotage and our attachment to technology. I got the idea from watching one of my favorite shows “Black Mirror” during a hard time in a relationship. Black Mirror most literally meaning when a screen is off and it shows a reflection of yourself back like a mirror. I was alone at home and waiting for my phone to light up and I was out of episodes to watch. I felt super alone but at the same time I had never been so attracted to the person I was waiting for.  I guess in a weird way I liked being ignored because it made me want that person and I became addicted to when my phone would go off.  It’s such a sad reality how connected we are to people through screens, and maybe not even people… just screens. My song “Black Mirror” is a reflection of that.

SRS: You’ve spent the last year developing your sound. So, how would you best describe it?

SS: I would describe my sound as an amalgamation of everything I heard growing up. Deeper meaning lyrics, Jazz love song influences, Dark Pop Production and hopefully I can describe it as a piece of myself.

SRS: Are you open to doing more collaborations? You have done some pretty awesome ones in the past with The Galaxy and Yellow Claw.

SS: Yes! I’ll be working with both Yellow Claw and The Galaxy again! As well as Moksi, Different Heaven, Rytemklubben, Lincoln Jesser, Dolf and Sweater Beats. I’m sure I’m forgetting some. Sorry! I think collaboration is the only way to branch out as an artist. I can get so stuck in my story and it gets a bit self-involved. When you add someone to that it’s like starting a new relationship. It’s exciting and full of conflict and resolutions, hopefully!

SRS: So you wrote a song for Rick Ross a few years ago. Insane! Is there a dream artist you would love to write for or with?

SS: I mean so many people I would love to work with. Mostly I dream of working with songwriters like Justin Tranter, Sasha Sloan, Starrah… These completely different unique voices.

SRS: Are plans set for more releases? More singles or an EP or even an LP in the future?

SS: More singles for sure, collaborations, and an EP!

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SRS: Clearly you are very busy with music, but is acting possibly on the horizon?

SS: Of course. I love acting but as of right now music takes up a lot of time.

SRS: Tell us about the documentary Straight/Curve.

SS: This is something I’m so proud to be a part of. This documentary has been filming for a few years now and interviews people in the fashion industry about the changing beauty standards and where we all fit in. Such a unique project.

SRS: Love your series you made with Refinery29. Would you be open to do more?

SS: I love Refinery 29! They are the coolest platform for young women. I say platform because it’s not really a magazine, it’s more like a insecurities/self-awareness checkpoint for me. Whenever I’m like, so other people feel how I feel, I’m sure to find something on R29. I’m so proud to be part of that.

SRS: We adore that you run Sophie’s Place, a child abuse advocacy center in Canada. What are some ways we can all help out?

SS: You can go to The-Centre.org and donate! We don’t usually take volunteers as we are working with sensitive cases but we can always use help on the money side. We apply for government grants and have been successful but it’s never a guarantee! So if you can, help!