EXCLUSIVE: Sophie Simmons on her Poetry Book, “Secrets I Would Never Say, but I Would Sing”

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Singer, songwriter, philanthropist, model, reality star, and now author, Sophie Simmons got to chat with us on her new poetry book out this week and her child abuse advocacy center.

What inspired you to publish your poetry?
My co-writers and studio sessions always encouraged me to share what I was writing down. Also, my publisher is called by the seven, and I really took that as a sign because seven is my lucky number. I was born on July 7… 7/7… I know this is a ridiculous reason but it’s really the only superstition I believe in. Lucky numbers.

Do you have a favorite poem you ever wrote?
Probably the poem in my book called “true love“ because it’s deeply personal and full of inside jokes.

What do you hope readers take away from your work?
I hope readers will find the words they’ve been looking for to explain their own emotions. I know when I’m reading my favorite poets, they put into words what I’m feeling so much better than I could.

Do you have a set structure to writing?
For songwriting there’s usually a structure for sure, but for palms there really are no rules. I think as long as a palm made you feel something…good, bad or otherwise it’s a success

Do you have a favorite poet?
Michael Faudet – the best

What’s next for you?
I want to make this book the first of a series and every year go through all of my notebooks and collect pieces of work that I still feel inspired by and share them. I think this is a great way for people to get to know me as an artist and as a person.

Has your child abuse advocacy center Sophie’s Place been affected in anyway by the pandemic? What can we do to help in general?
You can visit our website and donate! I think that’s the number one way anyone can help in this moment. You have to be a trans professional to work at Sophies Place as we don’t really take volunteers. Donations are always very much appreciated. The center is still open, but it’s been tough trying to navigate the pandemic and our team has done an amazing job accommodating as much as they can. We don’t want any children to be left behind during this time or further struggles to go unheard and unseen!

What do you suggest we read, listen to, and watch during this second wave of the pandemic?
I think we could all do with a little good news during the second wave of this pandemic. I think it’s very important to stay updated and watch the news, I don’t really agree with people who say not to watch it at all. I think it’s smart to be informed. There’s a point where you’re just banging yourself over the head with the same bad news over and over. So let’s all stay informed, but maybe pair it with a romantic comedy in the evening or just some reading. Most importantly, let’s all try to stay home.

You can pre-order Sophie’s book HERE and donate to Sophie’s Place HERE.