Snowglobe Music Festival Day 2

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The Snowglobe Music Festival is during New Years Eve Weekend in South Lake Tahoe, California. Unfortunately our team was unable to make it to day one due to weather conditions, but we kicked off day two with some great artists. Some of our favorite performances from day two include, A-Trak, Doja Cat, GG Magree, Kyle, Louis the Child and Kah-Lo. We also really enjoyed seeing Brownies and Lemonade, Manic Focus, LP Giobbi, Fisher, Graves, Kendoll, and Uniiqu3.

The festival had a great setup where it wasn’t to difficult to get from stage to stage, especially with snow on the ground. They had two ramps set up for skiers and snowboarders to practice and do tricks throughout the day, they also had really great interactive art throughout the festival.