Single Review: Lane Smith – “Austin”

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In a world where the stories are told through country music, Lane Smith emerges as a welcomed rising star within the genre with his latest single, “Austin.”

With relatable lyrics and a universal take on heartache, Lane brings a fresh perspective to the country music landscape. This song is a heartfelt narrative that captures the essence of love, longing, and enduring hope for what could have been.

You can watch the official music video for “Austin” below.

Lyrically, Lane, along with songwriters Peter Daniel Newman and Kelly McKay, paints vivid and evocative pictures of memories that continue to haunt him. The yearning to return to Austin, Texas, in the hopes of rekindling a lost love is a theme that resonates with anyone who’s experienced the ache of missed opportunities and what could have been.

The instrumentation in “Austin” is both timeless and fresh, with the twang of acoustic guitars and the steady rhythm of the drums creating a compelling backdrop. But it’s Lane’s vocals that truly shine, carrying the emotional weight of the song with authenticity and conviction. His voice is like a vessel, channeling the heartache, the longing, and the unfulfilled dreams of love that once bloomed in the heart of Texas.

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