Hozier Brings “Unreal Unearth” to Boston

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Irish-born, Andrew Hozier-Byrne, better known by his moniker, Hozier, played two sold-out shows at the Leader Bank Pavilion in Boston. Kicking night two off with a performance of “De Selby part 1” and “De Selby part 2” really was the perfect choice. On Hozier’s newest album, “Unreal Unearth,” the track list follows the path through Hell as represented in the epic, “Dante’s Inferno.” The opening tracks, “De Selby part 1” and “De Selby part 2” are labeled as the songs of descent into the circles of Hell, so it was fitting to start the show off with the descent, just like the album. The moody, starlit backdrop turned circle whirlpool really created a sense of weightlessness that perfectly accompanied the performances. It really felt like we were descending into the depths of Hell.

            Throughout the entire show, the backdrops, visuals, and lighting really created the most amazing effects and added so much to the production of the entire show. Steven Douglas is credited with the show design and lighting design on the Unreal Unearth Tour, as well as being a co-creative director with Hozier himself. The visuals on screen are a variety of nature scenes, specifically trees, and cosmic matter such as stars and planets. Not only that, but the materials were also projected onto the roof of the outdoor tent that was covering the venue. It was truly, a full-body experience. 

            In between songs, Hozier stops to talk to the crowd. He says, “I always love coming back to Boston. There is a certain type of support that I have experienced in Boston which it’s very unique and singular to Boston.” Naturally, the crowd went crazy, further proving the statement. 

            Hozier managed to design a setlist that is the perfect blend of all three of his albums, “Hozier,” “Wasteland, Baby!” and “Unreal Unearth.” Some of the songs on the set list included “From Eden,” “Jackie and Wilson,” “Almost (Sweet Music),” “Dinner and Diatribes,” “First Light,” and “Unknown.”             Something about watching a Hozier concert in the rain was so healing. However, whether it’s rain or shine, I can’t recommend attending this show enough. Hozier puts on shows that are out of this world and I call it a must-see. 

Christina Laderoute is a photographer, journalist, and podcaster from Boston, Massachusetts. In her free time she dabbles in digital art, plays with her hedgehog; Winston, and watches New Girl on a loop. She is the founder and co-host of Chinwags, a music podcast.