Reel Big Fish at University of Miami—Concert Review

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Friday was the last day of classes here at the University of Miami and to celebrate the school put on a concert featuring Reel Big Fish. Considering RBF were really big in the 90s and most of the student body is made up of 90s kids, this was real nostalgia concert for a lot of us and everyone was dancing and singing along from the minute RBF took the stage.


This was my first time seeing RBF live, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I sure was in for a nice surprise. These guys had some of the best stage chemistry I have ever seen, and I have been to a lot of concerts over the years. I personally love when bands take the time to talk in between songs and really interact with the fans. After every few songs, they would take a break to joke around and gear their performance to the college crowd. It was really well received by everyone in the audience and it just made the show that much more intimate and special for all of us.

 I must admit, everyone I went to the concert with, myself included, hadn’t listened to RBF in years. However, the minute they started playing, we knew all the songs like we had just listened to them yesterday. It was like someone had flipped a switch in our brains. RBF is just so catchy, I’m still constantly humming the songs they played and it’s been a few days since the concert. The band was really engaging and the crowd was totally hyped the entire time. I’ve realized that it is pretty much impossible not to dance and jump around consistently when at a RBF concert. If they come around to your city, even if you haven’t listened to them in a while, I highly suggest going. The music and atmosphere is completely worth it.