Mike Posner Exclusive Interview!

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Just after finishing his Unplugged Tour we got to chat with the triple threat hitmaker; artist, producer, and writer Mike Posner. If you don’t know much about Mike, he has worked on albums for Justin Bieber, Big Time Rush, Big Sean, 2 Chainz,  Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Labrinth, Nelly, T.I., Pharell, Travis Porter, and Austin Mahone to name a few.

I wanted to know what he wanted fans to take away from a concert of his and his response was something I wasn’t expecting, “I hope that they see the best show of their lives, that’s always my goal when i put together a tour of any sort. But in addition to that, i wanted them to get to know me and experience a range of emotions. In my shows in the past, i think people have experienced joy and lots of fun. On this tour, people have been moved to tears every night when they hear the stories behind the songs, and the songs without the production. It’s been very fulfilling to me as and artist and a performer.”

When asked about his notebook pages that is posted all over his social media he responded “I’ve been writing in notebooks my entire life. I just always used to transfer what i wrote into a song and share the song. Now I share the actual pages as well as the music. That’s why the upcoming album is titled PAGES.”

Working with different artists from different genres of music do you draw any influences in your music from the different styles? “Of course. I grew up listening to hip-hop. My favorite artists were Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, J Dilla, NaS, Mos Def but I’m also a big fan of Led Zeppelin, Paul Simon, the Beatles, Hank William’s Jr to name a few. I’m sure my music is influenced in one way or another by all these people.”

We can “100 percent” expect new touring and music in the works, PAGES the album will be “coming soon”! One of my favorite questions to ask an artist is where is the weirdest place they’ve written a song, and mike holds the creepiest answer I’ve heard; Driving past a graveyard in New York City.

My last question for him was about his favorite spot to go to when he has time off at home and he told us that he has to keep it secret so it can continue to be his favorite place to go.

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