PREMIERE: Ten Minute Detour “Bleeding Green”

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Brought together by the winds of change (and a few classified ads), Ten Minute Detour cut their teeth in a small, detached, heatless garage in Calgary, Alberta, where they set in place the foundation for Lay It Down, the band’s debut full-length album. Highlights from Lay It down include Four Papers and Getaway, two catchy alternative rock tracks which have helped pave the road for the band, who have played hundreds of shows across Canada.

In the winter of 2017, Ten Minute Detour recorded their second album in Nashville, Tennessee, teaming up with producer and former Cage the Elephant guitarist, Lincoln Parish. Their sophomore album Common Pleasure, whose seven tracks were recorded over a harrowing seven days, is a testament to the band’s maturation and growth in songwriting and storytelling, shedding the garage-rock skin and donning a more expansive, gripping, sophisticated sound.

2018 was a year of change for Ten Minute Detour, seeing the release of their sophomore album, several lineup changes, and relocation from their prairie home to Southern Ontario. Ten Minute Detour navigated these turbulent waters with aplomb, however, and is poised to take 2019, Canada, and the international stage by storm.

“Bleeding Green is, in many ways, a product of change. The swan song and final release of Ten Minute Detour’s inaugural lineup, the track explores the need for action and charge in the pursuit of one’s future. The song’s messaging was seemingly prophetic. Shortly after the recording of the track had commenced, Andrew Shier and Jordan MacNeil, Ten Minute Detour’s founding and most central members, decided to depart from their western prairie home and move east in pursuit of newer and brighter opportunities.

The song’s lyrics speak of the need for a person to create his or her own opportunities and experiences rather than passively waiting for the world to find them. The track’s driving rhythm and frantic vocals aim to reflect the frantic and often abstract emotionality that can be spurred by self-reflection. The song’s lyrics were inspired largely by principal songwriter and lead vocalist Andrew Shier’s first sighting of the Northern Lights. In his own words:

“It was at an AirBnB out in the country- just south of Saskatoon. Se were sitting out back and, as the sun started to fade, the northern lights became visible. It was breathtaking; how vivid and active they were, ebbing and flowing above the treeline. They followed us back to Calgary, and were visible our entire drive home.””