New Music Friday 10/25

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We’ve been counting down the days until Friday since literally last Friday. Let’s be real. This week was long, but now we are being rewarded with the BEST in music. Check out our blend of country, pop and more below and let us know what else we need to be blaring from our speakers this weekend.

Luke Bryan – “What She Wants Tonight”

Luke Bryan knows how to get the ladies listening. His brand new single dropped somewhat unexpectedly yesterday along with the music video below and we aren’t mad about it.

Selena Gomez – “Lose You To Love Me”

Everyone is talking about this one this week. New music from Selena in the midst of some amazing Justin Bieber drama. We aren’t taking sides… but this is a jam.

Coldplay – “Orphans”

It’s been so long since we’ve heard from these guys!! They are letting us know about their new music in the coolest, old-school way and everyone is taking notice. The latest release “Orphans” has the Coldplay sound we love with a modern flair.

Kendal Conrad – “Leader of the Pack”

This rising country artist is full of surprises. She hits us with a pop infused bop that shows who’s boss. We wouldn’t mess with Kendal if we were you…

Kesha ft. Big Freeda – “Raising Hell”

An appropriate title for the pop star, this song has a great beat and reminds of the early days of her career. It’s easy to dance to and a fun lyric to shout-out. What more could we want from her?

Beyond The Sun – Shuffle Part 1

Shuffle is not only the name of their brand new two-part album (the first out today), but also their self-proclaimed genre. The Canadian band of brothers is gifting us with their lyrically driven mix of pop-country among other genres. Check out “Long Way to Go” below and stream the full album today!

Lizzo ft. Ariana Grande – “Good As Hell”

We were waiting for this one all week. Not only is it one of the best songs of the year, but putting Ariana on it? Stop. We are obsessed and had to include this one on our list of the best of the week!!

Canaan Smith – “Pour Decisions”

We love this country boy and his love for beer. The word play keeps listeners tuning in closely and in turn makes it an instant country sing-a-long song.

Jack Broadbent “Wishing Well”
We’re going to throw some coins into the well and wish for more music by this singer-songwriter.