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Montreal-based singer-songwriter Miko produces songs that are poetically gritty, a blend of sleek pop and 90’s rugged vibes. His first single, “Crushes”, produced in collaboration with Connor Seidel (Charlotte Cardin, Matt Holubowski, Claudia Bouvette), is an ode to the fear of catching feelings. Overlaying instrumentals that are more on the alternative side, “Crushes” has a minimalistic and laid-back melodic structure that is effortlessly catchy. It’s the new bop to fill long nights of moody dancing and temporary romance.

A self-taught musician, Miko got into songwriting at the age of 18, after dropping out of college. He now regularly writes with rising Montreal artists such as Soran, Mike Clay (Clay & Friends) , and Geoffroy. The charming artist has been compared to Dominic Fike, Omar Apollo, and Alexander 23, while always challenging rules and genres. Miko is a singer who has a way of instantly connecting with the public, taking pleasure in seducing his crowd and offering a striking musical performance.

“It’s late. I’m drunk. My bestfriend and I are getting back from I don’t know where. I had this flash earlier that day… a few words came up in my mind: “I got crushes, they’re more like crutches.”

I really have a hard time putting my feelings into words, but every now and then my subconscious leaks a sentence or two and it fuels my inspiration for a song.

As we talk, I start taking notes. I had the whole song in my head. I woke up the next morning with a novel on my phone. It was the start to a new direction. The most honest thing I wrote in a while.

I recorded a demo and took it to Connor Seidel to finish the barebone production. Our boy Triv jumped on the drums and that’s it, we had a track. We then scratched the entire EP we had to release this track as my first single.”