PREMIERE: Oshima Brothers “Disco Down The Aisle” Music Video

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Do you enjoy listening to music while you’re grocery shopping? In addition, do you also enjoy jamming out and dancing to said tunes while walking up and down the aisles? If so, boy, do I have the perfect jam for you! 

The Maine-based duo, Oshima Brothers, just released a groovy new music video to their song “Disco Down the Aisle.” It is one of the 17 tracks off their recently released sophomore album, Dark Nights Golden Days.

Whether you’re a bodega bopper or a grocery store groover, “Disco Down the Aisle” by Oshima Brothers is sure to strike a positive chord in your heart and soul. Being someone that feels incomplete without my headphones during a grocery shopping excursion, I appreciate this energetic and niche song so much. Disco is such a fun genre that many artists today don’t think to experiment with. Oshima Brothers deserve a big high five for this radical tune. Not only is it catchy, but it’s captivating and will leave you wanting more. 

The video starts out with Sean Oshima in a grocery store with chunky over-the-ear headphones picking out his groceries, as one does, and singing. Oshima boogied down every aisle with a smile, clear that he thoroughly enjoyed the activities.

The soft and simple visuals create a warm video that goes perfectly with the vibe of the song. In between the in-store visuals are green-screened black and white clips of Oshima and other shoppers getting their groove on – a lovely reminder that there are other shoppers that also enjoy “disco’ing down the aisle.” This music video is totally out of sight!

In a track by track, the brothers say, “I love shopping for groceries. It’s a little bit of everything that makes me happy: shopping sustainably, cooking for people I love, conversations with strangers, dancing like a crazy person, and good bad music. We all need to eat, so it’s a fairly universal subject matter, but how many songs have you heard about doing the disco at the grocery store? I know that someday this song will come on the speakers when I’m at the store to get what’s on my list, until then I’ll dance to whatever they’re playing.”

Christina Laderoute is a photographer, journalist, and podcaster from Boston, Massachusetts. In her free time she dabbles in digital art, plays with her hedgehog; Winston, and watches New Girl on a loop. She is the founder and co-host of Chinwags, a music podcast.