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BTS concluded their Permission to Dance On Stage Las Vegas residency with a bang!

The four live concerts held at Allegiant Stadium were attended by a total of 200,000 fans. Meanwhile, 402,000 fans tuned in to the live stream from 182 countries for the final show on April 16.

Additionally, the four-day in-person live broadcast event ‘LIVE PLAY in LAS VEGAS,’ which was held at MGM Grand Garden Arena, achieved 22,000 viewers.

Since the stadium has opened, BTS are the only artist to have sold-out approximately 200,000 tickets over four nights.

So far, BTS has performed 12 shows in Seoul, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas as part of their Permission to Dance On Stage series. The concerts have amassed over 4 million concertgoers and live stream viewers.

During the final Las Vegas concert, BTS announced their forthcoming record. A video premiered of the band’s major highlights and ended with “WE ARE BULLETPROOF.” They also revealed the album release date of June 10, 2022.

What BTS Had to Say to Las Vegas Audiences

“I thought I was looking at an ocean,” J-Hope said. “[Las Vegas] is a city in the desert, but why do I
feel this way? I was very touched by the waves you created. Perhaps, it’s true that when
BTS and ARMY are together, we can turn a desert into an ocean.”

Jimin later added, “Hearing your voices, talking to you, performing in front of you are the only things I
could ever wish for. Thank you for having fun with us, supporting us, and loving us!”

Jungkook said, “Tonight, I feel great. I’m so hyped up, full of energy. I could even do the show
one more time tonight.”

“I think ARMY is the energizer that moves BTS,” Jin told the audience. “Everything we do is all because of ARMY. We love you, ARMY!”

“All I want is just being with you [naturally] as long as we can, like how the wind blows
and water runs,” Suga told the crowd.

“We missed you so much. This is all I have to say. I missed our ARMY madly, I’m going
crazy seeing you, and I will stay that way (thinking about you) after the show,” V concluded.

The Final Concert

During the final show on April 16, BTS performed 20 of their hits including all of their smash singles. For their encore, they chose to perform “Anpanman” and “Go Go” to the delight of the audience.

At Live Play, ARMY were able to participate in the BTS Photocard Random Box and BTS Photo Studio along with the live stream of the concert. In addition to the larger than live screen, attendees were treated with special effects used on stage to turn it into a unique concert streaming experience. 

Transforming Sin City into ‘BTS City’ With ‘THE CITY’ Project

Between April 5 and April 17 Las Vegas transformed into BTS CITY with countless one-of-a-kind experiences for fans.

Attendees discovered numerous entertainment activations including a pop-up, merchandise store, among numerous other amenities. A photo exhibition detailed behind-the-scenes content from their BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” concerts. Even the Bellagio got in on the festivities with a fountain show that featured “Dynamite” and “Butter.”

The Korea Tourism Organization held a special booth to promote Korean culture. It was visited by 13,000 people, who got the chance to experience Hanbok (Korean traditional clothing), experience scents that match each city in Korea, and more. Additionally, Samyang Foods created a “Buldak Ramen Booth” which had over 10,000 participants per day. 


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