P!nk Defends Views on VMA’s and Insist There is No Fued between her and Demi!

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Well even though the VMA’s happened almost a WEEK ago the entertainment world is still buzzing with news. From Taylor to Kim K, no celeb seems to be spared during this years award show.

The newest celeb to be lined up on the docket has been the famous pop star Pink. Being a multiple time contender, performer and attendee to the VMA’s, she’s not really new to the scene. This year however after a “drama” filled show Pink took to Twitter to air her true feelings about the show.

Now it has come to surface that Pink not only tweeted but was having a private conversation on Instagram with a close friend where some acts were praised and the others…well were left to die in the dust.



Demi responded on Twitter to said comments mentioningt hat she felt the VMA’s are supposed to be  “fun & sexy” and that “theres a time and place” for certain things. Not to mention how she felt a few of her previous songs could be seen as inspiring as well.

Pink tried to end the supposed “feud” on Twitter but the internet doesn’t seem to be having it.

I’ll end this post with saying EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinions and that sometimes they won’t match up with yours. It’s better to try and understand where that person is coming from and maybe work together to come to a mutual understanding. So whoevers side you choose rather it be Miley, Pink, Nicki, Taylor or Demi ( I personally LOVE all of them). Just remember music can be there for us all not matter what you like, and that’s what matters.