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Cole Pendery was formerly in the boyband IM5 and is now ready to take over the world as a solo artist, going by the name RYDYR. His latest single “Dream Alone” is absolutely perfect for the current times we are in and we got the chance to speak with him on it all.

What can you tell us about your new single, “Dream Alone”?
It’s a really special song to me .. I wrote it to reflect on a time in my life that I felt kind of lost. I feel like everyone goes through a time like that or similar feelings. So I’m just excited for the people to hear it and hopefully connect and just vibe out. It should also remind you that it’s okay to feel this way.

What can we expect from this upcoming EP?
Sonically I feel like it all shares a similar world. I made most of it with my buddy Zakk Cervini. Can’t wait to share it with you guys.

Did you have a specific recording or songwriting process?
Each song has its own life and origin I feel. Sometimes it starts as a little idea I throw on a voice note, sometimes its sparked by a sound or and instrument I’m hearing.. You kinda just have to listen to yourself and when you feel inspiration, let it out.

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Do you have a favorite memory from being in IM5?
I think just traveling the world at such a young age, meeting amazing people, and doing what I loved… It was all great.

You always see, I wanna say a bit of a stigma, when it comes to someone who was formerly in a boyband/girl group releasing their own music, that they really have to prove themselves as artists. How do you plan to combat that?
Well, I think I took the necessary time to grow and mature into basically an entirely different person. I’m no longer tied to old times, beliefs, or ego. So I don’t feel like I have to combat much. I’m making music I love. I think it’s always important to strive high, but I think the only person I’m trying to prove anything to is myself.

What is your COVID-19 self-isolation playlist?
It’s actually on my Spotify so go check it out!! It’s a random collection of songs I love, but most of them have some irony to the current situation so I thought that was fun.