Our exclusive chat with Chase Martin

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What’s the story behind your single “Levi Denim”?
Levi Denim is a fun, sassy song about just feeling confident in your… well, Levi’s! I mean, isn’t denim every girl’s go-to?

Can we expect some more singles and or an EP in the future?
ABSOLUTELY!! I have a few more songs already ready to roll and I’m, of course, always working on new music. You can 100% expect a lot more coming your way very, very soon!

Do you have a set songwriting structure?
Typically I like to start with an idea and form a melody around that. Melodies are my favorite part of writing a song (I mean, after all, that’s what gets stuck in your head!), so after I get the melody just right, I start to fit the lyrics into it and BOOM – got myself a song!

Do you remember what was the first song you wrote and what it was about?
I mean, should I mention “Green Peas” that follow you everywhere and want to be you? Or my song about dreaming of being bald? Both are classics. Still remember every word – when we get back to live shows, I might just have to break one out.

How did growing up in Charleston shape you as an artist?
Believe it or not – Charleston has a pretty booming music scene! I started playing out in bars when I was 15 and from there, I started to get opportunities to open for National acts when they would come to town. I think it really helped me with my stage presence and helped me to find who I am as an artist and what I wanted to say. Those were the days! They used to have to cut my mic off when my set was over or I would’ve just kept right on rockin’. Yes, I was one of those.

I love your Tik Toks! How do you come up with them?
Thank you so much! Honestly, I don’t really have much of a process for coming up with TikToks. I love how “real” and authentic videos on the app are, so I just try to be myself and do my own thing, hoping something turns out. Gosh, if somebody got ahold of my phone and went through my TikTok drafts…

What have you been reading, watching, and listening to during quarantine?
I’ve been reading “How Not To Die” by Michael Gregor, which is a book about preventing and reversing many diseases by following a plant-based/vegan diet. I’ve been a pretty hardcore vegan for about 4 years, so I’m a sucker for anything that highlights the lifestyle. As far as what I’ve been listening to, I’ve been throwing it back to some of my favorite classic artists: Minnie Riperton, Frank Sinatra, Loretta Lynn, George Straight, Aretha Franklin, THE WHITNEY HOUSTON ALWAYS, etc..

What do you think the future of live music is going to look like?
Predicting what the future of live music will look like is hard. I’m hopeful that we will be able to get back to some sense of normalcy in live shows, because at the end of the day, live shows are a place where so many people can connect and come together, which is something that I feel like everyone could use a little bit of right now. I just choose to have faith that we will return to that. But, if it comes down to it and it’s the only way I get to play my songs and meet everybody, I’m down to do some socially distant/drive-in shows too!